Topps All-Star Rookie Teams

Since 1960, Topps has honored the top rookies from the previous season with special cards in their regular issued sets. The Topps All-Star Rookie Teams usually consist of eight position players (four infielders, three outfielders, and one catcher) plus two pitchers (one right-hander and one left-hander) and in recent years a designated relief pitcher spot and a designated hitter. The 1960 version featured a special card design with a trophy of a batter on a top hat with the phrase, “Selected By The Youth Of America.” Below is the 1960 Topps Willie McCovey  as an example.

1960 Topps – Willie McCovey #316 (Hall of Fame Member)

In 1961, Topps changed the look of the trophy and instead of a special card design went with the same design as the regular issue. You can see the new trophy logo on the 1961 Topps Ron Santo below. On the trophy was the phrase, ” Topps 1960 All-Star Rookie.” This format was used until 1972 when the phrase was changed to just, “Topps All-Star Rookie” for the 1973 issue. You can see the 1973 version on the 1973 Topps Carlton Fisk below.

1961 Topps – Ron Santo #35 (Hall of Fame Member)


1973 Topps – Carlton Fisk #93 (Hall of Fame Member)

In 1974, a Topps All-Star Rookie Team was selected but the trophy was not added to the cards of those players. The trophies returned in 1975, using the same format as the 1973 Topps version and remained until 1978. For, some reason Topps decided to remove the trophy again in 1979. This time the trophy did not make its comeback until 1987. Just like in 1974, even though the trophy was not included, Topps still selected an All-Star Rookie Team in the years the trophy was not included on the card.

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