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Topps All-Star Rookie Team

topps_all_star_rookie_cupOne of my favorite subset of any Topps set is the All-Star Rookie Team. Each season the Topps Company selects an All-Star Rookie Team and honors those players in the following seasons’ Topps base set. The 2015 team consists of 12 players, one from each of the positions, a right-handed starter, a left-handed starter, a relief pitcher and a designated hitter. This is only the second time a designated hitter has been selected. I am not a fan of the Topps All-Star Rookie players also having the Future Stars designation (see Bryant, Syndergard, and Osuna). It is safe to say if they are members of the All-Star Rookie Team they are future stars!

The 2016 Topps Series 1 base set has 6 of the 12 All-Star Rookie Team players:


3B – Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs (Card #350)


OF – Kyle Schwarber, Chicago Cubs (Card #66)


OF – Michael Conforto, New York Mets (Card #232)


RHP – Naoh Syndergard, New York Mets (Card #43)


RP – Roberto Osuna, Toronto Blue Jays (Card #121)


DH – Miguel Sano, Minnesota Twins (Card #78)

When Topps Series 2 is released the remaining 6 players should be honored with their special card. The remaining players include J.T. Realmuto (C, Miami Marlins), Justin Bour (1B, Miami Marlins), Addison Russell (2B, Chicago Cubs), Carlos Correa (SS, Houston Astros), Randal Grichuk (OF, St. Louis Cardinals), and Carlos Rodon (LHP, Chicago White Sox).


Topps All-Star Rookie

I have always loved the Topps All-Star Rookie Trophy cards.  After coming across some older ones while searching through a few boxes I had in the closet I have decided to start a mini collection based of these cards.  In the 2014 Topps Series 1 base set there are six of the 2013 Topps All-Star Rookies featured –


#40 Hyun-Jin Ryu, LHP, Los Angeles Dodgers


# 110 Wil Myers, OF, Tampa Bay Buccaneers


#157 Matt Adams, 1B, St. Louis Cardinals


#181 Jim Henderson, RP, Milwaukee Brewers


#275 Nolan Arenado, 3B, Colorado Rockies


#331 Yasiel Puig, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers

The remaining 2013 Topps All-Star Rookie team members that should be featured in 2014 Topps Series 2 are Evan Gattis, C, Atlanta Braves; Jedd Gyorko, 2B, San Diego Padres; Jose Iglesias, SS, Detroit Tigers; Christian Yelich, OF, Miami Marlins; Jose Fernandez, RHP, Miami Marlins.  I have all the above cards for this year and stay tuned for my updated checklist of all my other Topps All-Star Rookies.